Photo Night and 2016 All Star Night

Photo Night – December 9

On December 9th (that’s next Friday!) we will be having Photo Night.  Individual player photos, as well as team photos, will be taken for the website.  Members of the Tigers and Piranhas play at 7pm and will have their photos taken after their game.  Members of the Bulldogs and Grizzlies will have their photos taken prior to their 8pm game.  Team photos will be taken between games in front of the nets.  Please have your jersey on and be ready so photos can be done in a timely manner.Please ensure you book your rides to give yourself ample time before (8pm game) or after (7pm game) your game!

On December 16 we’ll be taking a pause from the regular house league games for a full night of fun before the Christmas Break!  It will consist of a Team Skills Challenge, pizza & drinks, and the 2016 All Star Game.  At 8pm we will draw the names of the lucky winners in the fund raising raffle.  See below for a rough schedule for the night and answers to some questions you may have.

Schedule For 2016 All Star Night
7-7:45pm – Team Skills Challenge
7-8pm – Pizza and Drinks
8pm – Raffle Draw
8:15/8:30-9pm – 2016 All Star Game

When should I book my rides?
It is a full night of fun you won’t want to miss, so arrive for 7pm and leave after 9pm.

Who plays in the 2016 All Star Game?
The rosters will be selected by the players through a ballot vote.  The ballot has 5 groups of players, representing the whole league.  Players will circle 1 person from each group.  Ballots will be distributed by the coaches and must be returned by December 9 to your coach.  Feel free to vote for whoever you’d like, for whatever reason.

What is the Team Skills Challenge?
The Bulldogs, Grizzlies, Piranhas, and Tigers will work as teams to complete 2-3 different skills events.  The events will incorporate the various skill levels of all players.  Everyone is encouraged to participate.

When is the pizza?
Pizza will arrive shortly before 7pm.  It will be served from 7 to 8pm.  Teams will be instructed when to switch between the Team Skills Challenge and pizza.

Is the raffle draw that night too?
Yes!  Be sure to bring all of your raffle tickets back and return them to Kelly, hopefully sold!  The draw will occur in the gym at 8pm.  Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones!

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